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New Medicare Cards Coming Soon

In April, CMS will begin mailing new Medicare cards with new numbers. CMS Administrator Seema Verma: "We’re taking this step to protect our seniors from fraudulent use of Social Security numbers which can lead to identity theft and illegal use of Medicare benefits. We want to be sure that Medicare beneficiaries and healthcare providers know about these changes well in advance and have the information they need to make a seamless transition." Learn More: Watch 1 Minute Video: …
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FREE Biscuits & Gravy April 20

Don't pay for breakfast on April 20! Drive up to Exceptional Living Center of Brazil and get a FREE biscuit and gravy from 7 - 9 a.m. Go ahead and wear your PJs because you don’t even need to get out of your car! Exceptional Living Center of Brazil is located at 501 S. Murphy Avenue in Brazil, Indiana. For more information, please call (812) 446-2636. …
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Beginning Yoga for Older Adults

Many senior adults turn to yoga for gentle exercise that can reduce tension and increase flexibility. In the early 80s, women (and some men) donned their leg warmers, Reebok high tops, and spandex body suits to stretch it out with Jane Fonda and dance to Let's Get Physical.   Today, seniors are still "getting physical" and keeping active through a variety of exercise programs either at home or in a group setting. While we have all kicked VHS cassettes to the curb, yoga has fully come into its own for individuals of all ages.   5 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors Mental relaxation. Often described as a "mindful" exercise, yoga can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and improve depression to keep one centered and energized. Increased flexibility and balance. While yoga is a low impact movement, it delivers big results in movement, joint flexibility, and balance for older adults. Individuals new to yoga are recommended to start with beginner poses composed of gentle movements. As always, please consult your physician(s) before starting any exercise program. Strength training. While lifting weights may or may not be something seniors are comfortable with, yoga uses your own body as resistance to build and firm muscle. Physically inactive people can lose up to 5 percent of their muscle mass per decade after age 30. While muscle mass begins to disappear, fat increases. Because muscle mass declines when aging, weight-bearing exercise are needed to keep strength up. Increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.  Yoga helps slow bone thinning, reducing the risks of osteoporosis, particularly among postmenopausal women. Increasing bone density, especially for women who are more likely to develop osteoporosis, is critical to prevent broken and fractured bones. However, if you have osteoporosis or low bone mass, consult a physician to what yoga poses you can most safely practice. Learn more tips for practicing yoga with osteoporosis. Alleviate arthritis pain and stiffness. According to a John Hopkins Arthritis Center study, when combined with a program of good medical care, yoga may provide important additional physical relief. Grab your mat and be among the growing number of older adults practicing yoga to improve your overall health and well being.   "We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”  -George Bernard Shaw Please note: The above recommendations are intended to be general recommendations and should not be construed as healthcare advice. The recommendations are not a replacement for the personal advice of a health professional. …
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About Exceptional Living Center of Brazil

Choosing a place to call home is a decision families make together. We are here to help you select the right health care center to meet your needs. Whether you are recovering from surgery, injury or illness, or choosing a long term care center for an extended residential stay, at Exceptional Living Center of Brazil we have the knowledge and expertise to meet complex medical needs. Through our campus of care, assisted living is also available at Towne Park Assisted Living of Brazil.

We specialize in rehabilitation services to improve the speed and scope of recovery following injury and do so in a private and dignified manner. Our goal is to help restore maximum abilities for individuals recovering from medical injuries with a patient-centered, cost-effective manner. Exceptional Living Center of Brazil is a not-for-profit center.

We invite you to visit us today at Exceptional Living Center of Brazil.


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